About MJB♥

Welcome to MJB♥!  (mjb loves)  Thank you for taking a look at this blog.  My aspirations for this space range from creative ideas, crazy thoughts, and my love for taking pictures. What better way to have a forever memory of the important things that matter in my life. 

My name is Mandy. Nice to meet you.

I live in Ohio with my husband Kevin, my two step-kids Brady & Natalie, and our daughter Hadley. Everyday is an adventure, and I love sharing my life with him and our kiddos. In our life, we shout, we clash, we kiss, we make-up, and most importantly we ♥.
(Photos via : Jess K Photography)
Why call it MJB Loves?  My stepson drew me a picture book one day. On some of the pages he wrote his name and then drew a bunch of hearts. When he read the book to me he said, "Brady loves" and I thought that was the sweetest thing.  He was the inspiration for this blogs name.  MJB Loves....all of these things that I blog about.  Life. Love. Paper. Anything.

I have been blogging since April 2011 because I thought it would be fun. Boy is it ever! I love to blog to have something to keep all of our memories in forever. I have done the traditional project life for scrapbooking, made mini paper books for fun, but this blog is something I will always be able to look back on and read all of the things I don't want to forget.
When I started this blog I was dating Kevin at the time and living in my one bedroom apartment that I loved so so much. I remember sitting on the couch asking Kev what should I blog about? Ideas just starting turning in my brain and I haven't stopped since.
(Photo via : Sadie & Jess)
In February 2013, Kevin asked me to marry himEight months later in October 2013, we were married! I would not change one thing about our wedding day, it was awesome! You can read more about our DIY wedding here.

I have a love for anything artsy. Since I was a child I would tell people I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  Well that didn't happen in the professional world, but in my spare time it happens quite a bit. But anyhow....I love to take pictures, craft, design, paint, and be happy.

Thank you for visiting this space. I hope you leave feeling inspired, or just happy!


  1. I blog for the same reason you do! It`s such a great way to remember small and big things about your life :)