around here hanging out by the pool with our inflatable duckies because it's too cold to swim!
around here enjoying my Mothers Day flowers so much!
around here had a great day off at the park with Hadley and George. The park might turn into a regular thing on my off day. Hadley was so happy every second we were there, and George was exhausted!
around here had a pool day all by myself while Hadley and George napped haha It was wonderful.
around here a very tired George.
around here a very Happy Birthday to my Mama!

This is the first weekend in a very long time we will not have the big kids, it's going to be an adjustment but we will still see them at sporting events and things like that. Hadley is going to miss them so much! This weekend looks pretty iffy weather wise, maybe we'll be able to get outside and hang out by the pool a little bit. The grass needs cutting, and I hope to get it cut before all this rain comes. Brady has a karate tournament, and then a baseball game. We have nothing planned, looking forward to it.

Happy weekend!

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