Thursday...received an edible arrangements from my work peeps. Went out to dinner that night at Cancun. Was getting over a nasty cold, so it felt good to get out of the house.
Friday...woke up with a migraine ugh! But managed to get through the day. Started off with getting my hair done, always a treat.
Got the nails done with a gift card from a very sweet friend!
Had to renew my license this year, that's always a fun time at the BMV!
Friday night, Natalie had a tournament game.
Saturday...had our first real snowfall this year and it's already March! Just hung out around the house.
Sunday...Natalie made me this card for my birthday. It was the best.
It was almost 60 degrees outside, played for a little bit. And Hadley loves to make new lemonade every chance she gets.

Happy Monday, make it a great week!

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