We had our own little Superbowl party! I have so much fun making all the decorations more than the actual Superbowl itself!  The felt football table runner in the middle of the table, I made last year. Read the how-to post here. Used white duct tape to make the yard lines on the tablecloth. It was a little tricky because the table cloth is from the dollar store, so it tears very easily.
On the left side we had doritos/popcorn/M&Ms/pretzel mix, plain chips, used one of our wedding gifts a warmer! Had Velveeta cheese in the warmer to have chips and cheese. On the right side were paper bags with the popcorn mix inside, I cut out white paper laces for a football, red & green paper cups, and mason jars. The drinks of the party "Patriots" Root Beer Float, and "Falcons" Dirty Shirley. Brady had a root beer float, and Natalie had the Dirty Shirley which was a regular Shirley Temple for the kids, just used a fun name for it.
I had some green fabric left over from another project, so I made them into napkins! They are all different sizes, and hand wrote football words with a black sharpie marker. The kids loved them!
In the middle on a white box was a sign I made, with green paper plates and plastic football bowls inside. On top were cups with football laces taped on the sides, and straws with little markers on them.
In the mason jar had pretzel rods with chocolate dipped on the ends with red sprinkles since we were rooting for the Falcons to win!
Fun banners.
Made black eye stickers by simply coloring mailing labels black, and cutting them down to size. Easy peasey!
Made these fun little photo booth props! All I did was make them in PhotoShop, cut them out and taped them to straws! Haha. Had a few more that we didn't use, but they were so fun and easy to make. Some people might think, why do all of this for just us? I say why not, it's fun, I enjoy doing it, and the kids will have these memories forever. 

With the exception of the food, everything was bought at the dollar store...the green table cloth, white duct tape, paper cups, paper plates, football bowls, made everything else on regular computer paper.  Nothing fancy. You can make anything fun with a little imagination! 

Happy Monday folks! Have a great week...

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