Yay! Hadley's first year is completed all in this book! I've been working on this for a few months now, doing a little bit each week as I get the time. I like to try to finish these books within a few months after her birthday so I stay up-to-date with it. But I must say, I have confused myself royally with these scrapbooks. Last year I finished her newborn years, but found myself struggling with saying her first year or newborn to first year book? I'm still a little confused on it, because the day she was born is newborn age, and then she turned 1. Is that technically her first year, or the newborn year? Ugh. So anyways, I labeled this book year one-two and put the years on it.
Started this book with December 2015, a month after she turned one because this is her first year book right? Gosh it's so confusing haha
January 2016.
February 2016.
March 2016.
April 2016.
May 2016.
July 2016.
August 2016.
September 2016.
October 2016.

Just a few photos of random pages I picked out. I did about six to eight pages for each month. And to save money on printing photos, all I did was print these out on regular computer paper and cut them out and taped them on each page. It was very time consuming to cut them all out, but saved so much money. And you can't even tell really they are on paper, and who cares really? They are all memories of Hadley and our family.

The type of book is a basic sketch book with black paper. Similar to one like this but larger. I thought the black paper was something different than the plain white, and it gives it a little bit of background than just the white does. I hand wrote everything with a silver and gold sharpie. I used little cutouts of random paper that I've accumulated over the years to write in some notes. Very happy with how it turned out. Definitely continuing to do this every year for my sweet babe!

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