Excited to share Hadleys valentines this year! Looking back in the archives, I did not write a post on last year's valentines, darn! They involved paint also!
Decided to go with paint again, since Hadley enjoys it so much! I gave her some red and pink paints and let her go at it. Ended up with a sweet little painting that I took a photo of.
After I emailed the photo to myself, I created a 5 x 7 canvas in PhotoShop Elements, and lightened the photo up a bit. Created two circles, one for the photo, and one for the text. Backed each of them with some thick pink scrap paper I had on hand, to give it some texture.
They have been stuffed in envelopes, stamped, and washi taped up, and out the door they went last week! Simple and sweet. I also sent two to Daddy and Uncle Adam at work, they were both excited to get happy mail while at work!

Love sending out Valentines each year. Miss Natalie is not in the photo, she chose not to participate that day because she was tired from her basketball game, which is totally okay...her choice! So Hadley and her big brother took some photos, and she was so very happy, especially with that green sucker in her hand!

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