I've started an artwork page on Instagram for Hadley! I read about this idea on Haley Morgans instagram page and thought how awesome is this? This way I can keep some of my favorite ones in a folder or something, and pitch the others if they are all documented somewhere. So this page will be anything I feel that needs to be saved. Now don't get me wrong, she paints tons of random things, but the ones I like best are the ones where I ask her to draw a tree, or draw a heart, and to see what she comes up with in her little mind is the best. 
This painting was the very first time she used a paintbrush and paint, she has been obsessed ever since. We hung it on the fridge and every time she'd see it she shouted, "My painting!" This one will be a favorite for sure.
Traced Hadleys hands one day down in the basement on my off day, had George down there with us, we traced my hands, and even Georges paws!
Very hard to tell, I know, but this is Hadleys attempt at drawing an H. The long swiggly pink lines. 
I truly hope she loves art as much as I did growing up, and still do! If you'd like to follow along to see her artwork as she grows, she is under hadleysartwork on Instagram! It is very easy to setup multiple accounts on Instagram to toggle back and forth to. If you need any help, just ask!

Do any of you have other ideas on saving kids artwork or school work?


  1. When the girls started elementary school, they made some cool projects in art class, but they tend to be large and bulky. I took a picture of each, save it on the computer by grade (kindergarten, first,...). Eventually I'll print a Snapfish book of all their art. Similar to what you are doing 😊🎨. Before school-age, I'd keep my favorites in a file folder by age. Each kid has a box for their memories, organized by age

  2. Yes! Love that idea! I want to start a box too for each age, great idea!