These photos are nearly a year apart. February 20, 2016 on the left, and February 15, 2017 on the right. 

My little one is a little girl now and it's when I see the side-by-side comparison that it really hits home. She's so talkative, like non-stop, and talking to her is probably my favorite thing to do. Last year we kept saying over and over how we wish she'd start talking, well now she is! She definitely has her own fashion sense, loves boots, Minnie Mouse, and her sunglasses. She always has to have them in the car when the sun is in her eyes, she's a sun lover! This time last year the weather looked a little warmer since no coat in the photo. I'd guess we were outside grilling steaks, which we will be doing tonight too! Yum.  

Nothing else for this Monday really, had a busy weekend full of basketball games galore. Ready to get started on the week. Happy Monday folks!

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