around here free chocolate samples at work = bad idea. But so so good!
around here story time at the library was a success, might have to make it a weekly thing.
around here lunch at McDonald's is a close second to Chipotle.
around here trying to do creative things during nap time.
around here having dinner on the back deck, dreaming of our pool being fixed.
around here trying ice cream sandwiches for the first time and loving them.
around here celebrated my cousins birthday and engagement! So happy for you!

Another week down, only 44 more weeks to go? Haha This weekend is jam packed, again. Basketball games, tournament games, birthday parties, and a whole lot of patience! Plus it's supposed to be like 70 degrees today, and then get cold again by Sunday. I wish mother nature would make up her mind, preferably in the upper 80 digits! The weekend is here, have a good one my friends.

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