around here Brady was recognized for Grand Champion at karate! He received this personalized bo with his name on it. He was so excited.
around here watched Natalie play some basketball.
around here Daddy had a date night with this sweet little face. They went to Chipotle and UDF for ice cream. Look at that smile!
around here playing with babies every single day. 
around here creating her own hairstyles, and doing some Superbowl crafts during nap time.
around here making blueberry muffins, and a dirty shirt meant for a busy day of playing.
around here loving the princess bath toys from Targets dollar bin.
around here made some Superbowl pizza servers from dollar store utensils!

Yay it's Friday! Feel like I say the same thing every week, but who isn't happy the week is over? Bring on the weekend. Lots going on per usual! Excited to hang with my hubby and the peeps. Just wish it was a little warmer than 30 degrees outside! Any who, have a good weekend everyone! And go Falcons!

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