We started our weekend off with a trip to the store for some wine! Came home and made some plain ole brownies look all fancy for my in-laws. 
For dinner, ravioli and wine. Delicious.
Met up with some friends for NYE and then because of too many shots on their part haha they went back to their hotel and we ventured off to one of our favorite hang outs for NYE.
For New Years Day we scored really cheap tickets to the last Bengals game of the season. Great weather and awesome seats. Took a picture of this girls hat in front of me, if I had long hair it would be so cute to wear! 
And because we are crazy people, we had tickets to the UC Bearcat game later that night. Hadley's first Bearcat game, need to get that girl some red/black gear!

We had a great weekend ringing in the new year. I am excited for 2017 and anxious to see what this year will bring to us. Happy New Year to my peeps!

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