Today I'd like to share what my off days look like. I work four almost ten hour days, with Wednesdays as my off day. This has been my schedule for quite a few years now, and I absolutely love it! It breaks up the week, and is a day I look forward to all the time. When Hadley was first born, I savored every second I got to spend with her on Wednesdays. And two years later? I still do. It's awesome.
My day started at 6:30am, always wake up after my husband leaves for work, hit the restroom, then weigh myself. Hadley was starting to talk in her bed, so I knew she would get up soon.
Let George out. As soon as my husband leaves, he starts whining to go out. Kevin tries to be nice and leave him inside so I don't wake up, but it never fails, I wake up at the drop of a pin.
Around 7:15am I went into Hadleys room, I started bringing George in with me because she gets so excited and thinks he wants to come in to say hi! It's so cute.
After Hadley gets dressed, we take George downstairs to feed him. She absolutely loves doing this! She always says, "I go first" down the stairs, and then George and I follow her down. We go into Kevin's workroom where his food is, she dumps the food in his bowl and says "too many", and then puts the bowl in his cage. She does the same thing every single time. It's hilarious.
Around 8:00am we ate breakfast, Hadley always wants some of my eggs so she had a few, donut holes, part of a waffle, and lemonade. Minnie Mouse joined us at the table and she fed her some donuts.
I tend to vacuum every Wednesday, sometimes more than once a week. George sheds pretty much and it gets all over. Minnie and babies watch on the couch.
Prepped lunch for work the next day, it gets really smelly in the kitchen so I try to make it before Hadley goes down for a nap.
Threw in a load of laundry in the morning, feel like that's all I do is laundry these days.
Did a few workouts, Hadley joined in. The funniest part was when she did jumping jacks with me! I took a video, but not embarrassing myself for Internet land of seeing me do jumping jacks haha
After a little workout, went to the basement to do a little painting and drawing. She loves to paint! We took George with us everywhere we went, it wears him out big time. He usually just lays on his bed all day, but since it's hard to get out and walk him during the winter months, I try to wear him out in the house.
I am trying to get this kid potty trained. She is able to tell us when she poops and pees, so it is definitely time to get rid of the diapers. Just going very slowly. She just sits on her Minnie potty and does nothing. I'd love to not have to buy diapers anymore! 
Nap time. Since the day she was born, I have always held her for a few minutes before I lay her down, just to calm her a little bit before going to sleep.
This was the only blurry photo I took during nap time. Worked on Hadley's Valentines, ate lunch, did another load of laundry, and watched the movie Hot Pursuit
About two hours later, she wakes up. The last few weeks, she has been taking two hour naps. She used to take 3-4 hour naps! Guess getting older means less naps. Brought George in with us again, she gets so happy seeing him when she wakes up.
Lunch for Hadley consisted of graham crackers with peanut butter, and yogurt covered raisins. She ate maybe two crackers, and all of her raisins. It's a struggle to get her to eat, but I guess that is part of growing up! We brought lunch in the basement because she loves it down there, even though it is freezing cold she could live down there.
We traced our hands, and even did George and his gigantic paw. It was a struggle getting him to sit still but it worked. 
Had her babies and Minnie Mouse watch her draw on her dry-erase board. I have found it helps to include her toys or even George to get her to learn new things. We'll say things like, "show your baby how to draw a circle!" She gets so excited and wants to show everyone how she can do it. 
Play play play all day long.
Took a shower around 3:30pm. Usually take one in the afternoon on Wednesdays unless we have somewhere to be earlier in the day. Brought Hadley's lunch up, she ate the rest of it while I showered.
Had a few mini meltdowns in the afternoon, started banging on the window waiting for Daddy to come home.
After Daddy got home, we said hi and bye before he went off to his second job. Times are tough right now, and he's working so hard for his family. We headed out to pick up her two year photos, and just a reason to get out of the house. 
Chipotle for dinner. Hadley is obsessed. She eats almost half a bowl on her own, we just get her chicken and brown rice, but she loves the atmosphere. The loud music, people watching, and she eats good!
No time for a bath tonight, so we got her jammies on, put some lotion and powder on her to sort of calm down for bed time. We laid on the floor in the family room and watched Santa Paws for the millionth time. We put milk in her special milk cup at night.
About 15 minutes into the movie, she wants to read a book which I know is a stalling technique for not going to bed but I always say yes at reading books. Always. About 15 minutes of reading a few books, I put her to bed. Probably around 8:15pm. She started a new thing after I lay her down and close the door, she says, "Mommy" a few times to see if I'll come back in. I did the first time she did it because it was out of her normal, then after the next few times realized it's her stalling bed time. So funny. I'll catch on one day haha
 After she went to bed, I caught up on the last two episodes of This Is Us show. Love it.
On Hadleys two year photos, I wrote her age and the year on the back of all of them. I wanted to paint the nails, but didn't get to it. Was too tired. Didn't go to bed until 11:30 or so. I read my library book for a little bit, The Assistants. It's good so far and very relatable! Went to bed around 11:30pm, which was kinda late for me just couldn't fall asleep. Probably because I scroll Facebook and Instagram every night. 

Some of these photos were taken with my iPhone so they are not the best quality, and some were taken with my Canon DSLR. It would be fun to do this same thing in a year or so and see how the days change. Love my off days. Life is good.

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