January was...when Kevin had a bad cough for what felt like years.

January was...took Hadley to get her two year photos, she wasn't a fan.

January was...Brady and Natalie had basketball games on the same day almost back to back.

January parents went to Florida and came back super tan.

January was...when I was super jealous of my super tan parents. haha

January things are on the horizon for us, hopefully for the better.

January was...Hadley started to tell us when her ear hurts and she wants to go to the doctor, even if the ear doesn't really hurt. lol

January was...the month we go and see all of our dream boats we'd love to own in our dreams.

January was...we celebrated PaPa's birthday at the lake.

January Dad fixed our DVD player after a year of not playing DVD's!

January was...we recognized Brady and his grand champion award at karate.

January was...when Natalie and I watched the super cute movie Trolls.

January was...Kevin took Hadley on a dinner ate and to UDF for some ice cream.

Goodbye January! It was a busy filled month. Can't wait to see what February brings.

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