Friday // Started off our weekend by getting something to eat after work, just the two of us! Then headed to Brady's awards banquet for Karate, he was the grand champion! My lovely parents watched Hadley, the banquet was quite a long night.
Saturday // early morning basketball game for Natalie, she lost but played hard. Worked on Hadleys year one to two scrapbook, and Hadley and her sister played so much together. Natalie is such a good big sister, always taking care of her sweet little sister.
Sunday // Went to church, Hadley napped, Natalie and I watched the movie Trolls, went out to eat before Brady's late basketball game, Hadley and I headed home for bath time. She is getting her bottom molars in and biting on a teether has helped a little bit.

Happy Monday! Let's make it a great week...

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