Just finished Downton Abbey! When I find a show that I love, I watch it continuously until it's finished, and then I rant and rave about it trying to get everyone I know to watch it too! When this show was on TV I did not watch it, but now that we have an Amazon Fire Stick I've been watching it on Amazon Video and it was awesome. 

It's about a British family and their servants in the early 20th century. Could you imagine living during that time frame? Each Lord and Lady had their own maid, the servants made breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc., had people drive them everywhere, helped them get dressed, just all of those things we in this day in age would think how odd? I will say the show ended beautifully, and was very happy with it. Most shows I watch end on such an odd note, but this one was great. Recommend this to anyone who is looking for something new to watch! And now, what to start watching next?!?!

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