around here changing up my little work space. Have a few more things I'd like to add, it's getting there slowly but surely. Having fresh things at work for the new year makes things a little brighter.
around here doing small little workouts at home. It's so hard to get outside and run when it's freezing cold out!
around here Hadley is obsessed with her bath time paints.
around here had a free sample of dairy free ice cream from work, and it was delicious!
around here Hadley taking pictures with her Daddy makes me smile.
Documented my off day this week by writing down some notes during the day. You can read more about how my off days roll by clicking here.
around here she loves her sunglasses. Wanted to wait until Daddy brushed his teeth to come out of the bathroom.
around here loving all the free samples lately.
around here love this photo so much. When my Mom leaves for work, she waves bye bye from the workbench. 
around here we had our first time out. Looks like the terrible twos are upon us! Fun fun! 

The weeks get busier and busier around here. Seriously cannot wait for summer, starting to get cabin fever big time. The weather is either cold, or warm and rainy, it's so wishy washy. Wish it would just be sunny and hot all year round! Happy Friday folks and happy weekend!

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