around here making new snacks for Hadley to try and doing some workouts at home.
around here playing and painting.
around here trips to the library are fun!
around here made some blueberry muffins.
around here wearing my bracelet, and watching Downton Abbey while painting the nails.
around here the boats have arrived for the boat show!
around here wearing her rain gear out to eat at Chipotle.

What a busy week we've had! Hadley is keeping us on our toes, she is getting so big, talking up a storm, voicing her own opinions, and letting everyone know about it. It's so fun watching her grow. Ready for the weekend to be here, hopefully sleep in at least one day or maybe get a nap in? I'm tired, but glad the week is over. I have been watching Downton Abbey and loving it! I never got into the show when it was on TV, but since we got a Amazon Fire Stick for Christmas I'm obsessed! It's going to be another cold weekend, so bundle up out there!

Happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy your (long) weekend!

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