november is here + our halloween 2016.

For Hadley's second Halloween, she went as Minnie Mouse! She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all Mickey's friends. She wore her ears the entire night, walked for about an hour, and held her little candy bucket all on her own. She had so much fun and wanted a sucker as soon as we got home. She's obsessed. George was happy to go on a little walk with us too.

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And hello November! Love the start of a new month. It sure doesn't feel like November around here, the weather is in the upper 70's! October was so busy, and November seems to be looking even busier! Lots of goals for the next 30 days. We have two birthdays to celebrate, lots of birthday cards to send out, a karate tournament, celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families, Gilmore Girls, and today starts the #30daysofthanksgiving! Lots going on! Let the fun being! Happy November!

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