do you have a Thanksgiving secretary?

First of all, have you ever heard of a Thanksgiving secretary? I have not until I read this blog post! After I read it, I thought of my Mom right off the bat and how she would probably love for me or someone in the family to do this every year. I do love to plan and keep track of everything in this life!

Okay so what is a Thanksgiving secretary? From my understanding, it's having someone write down a bunch of notes the day after Thanksgiving. Write down who all came, who brought what, the temperature outside, what we need more of next year, what we need less of next year, what worked, what didn't work, those type of things.

I wish we would've kept track of Thanksgiving dinners from the start,  it would be fun to look back on each different year. Who was there, who brought what, who liked what, etc. Doesn't that sound fun to do? I'm all about it. Maybe I'll have a blog post to write and share with you all. We shall see.  In the meantime, I am going to find a notepad or cool pad of paper to bring with me and start the secretarial duties this year!

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