brady's 12th birthday party.

On Saturday, we celebrated Brady turning 12 at our house with close family. I feel the older kids get, the harder it is to have a "themed" birthday so I just did a few decorations. I cut out "Brady is 12" and found 12 pictures of him to hang up. The kids loved looking at them and they said #3, #7, and #12 were their favorites.
We played a few minute to win it games, they seemed to be having fun with them! I made each kid a minute to win it medal by hole punching a snack size Hershey bar on a piece of thread!
It's hard to see but I got Brady, Natalie, and Hadley each their own birthday plate. So each year, they will eat their cake on their own special plate. It says "Happy Birthday Brady" and then on the bottom is his birth date. Super cute.
Presents and cake! Fun times.
Miss Natalie and Mattie.
Brady got a selfie-stick and he was obsessed with it! The above photo is about 5 tries of getting us all in the photo. Blurry, but definitely a cute picture!

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating Brady! Hopefully the next party will be in the summer with our fixed pool! Happy Monday folks!

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