around here + a quote.

around here matching jammies for the sisters! Won't be able to pull that off too much longer.
around here comparing last year and this year's photo, and I don't really see a huge difference?
around here trick-or-treated with our little Minnie Mouse! She did great.
around here welcomed November!
around here celebrated Kevin's birthday!
around here went to the park to enjoy this awesome weather for the beginning of November.

Another week down, only eight more to go until this year is over! Life...please slow down! You are going way too fast. In November, Brady turns 12 and Hadley turns 2! It is so crazy how fast it goes. Not too busy of a weekend, celebrating a 40th birthday, a wedding, and some downtime with the family. Happy weekend everyone! Have a good one...

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere." - Albert Einstein

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