october is...

Who doesn't love dessert right? Apparently, October is National Dessert Month! You can search just about any random national holiday nowadays and when I found this one I thought yum! I can blog about this!

Here are the ones I love the most....
Graeter's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - They changed the color to white instead of mint and I think it tastes slightly different, but it is still my number one favorite ice cream. I love the huge chocolate chips from Graeter's.
Brownies - my hubby can make a mean batch of brownies, don't know what it is but every time he makes them they turn out soft and delicious.
My Mom's Cheesecake - My mom just follows the recipe on the box for the most part, she might add some of her own little twists in there but it's so so good!
Chocolate Cake - any chocolate cake, and chocolate icing. So good.
Eclairs - it doesn't matter where they are from, eclairs are just good.
Macarons - their is just something about macarons that I find so fascinating! Their are a million flavors and I haven't tried many, but the ones I have tried are pretty good. Taste of Belgium has some pretty good macarons if you're ever near one, I suggest you try some there!

Happy National Dessert Month people! What are your favorites?

(Ice cream collage made in PhotoShop Elements  / Images via Google Images )

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