welcome fall.

Today is the first day of Fall! I couldn't be happier! As much as I love the summer sunshine, and everything outdoors, there is something special about fall! The need for layers of clothing, the turning leaves starting to fall to the ground, hot apple chai tea from Starbucks, the shorter days and longer nights. I love fall and all it has to offer. And today we celebrate.

Here are some things I am looking forward to this fall...

eating all things comforting, with a healthy twist.
drinking hot chocolate, tea, and starbucks apple chai tea.
practicing kindness, patience, and selflessness.
mastering reading another book this fall.
playing in piles of leaves with the kids.
continuing to walk and run in the cooler temperatures.
wearing cozy hoodies, yoga pants and my favorite boots.
cooking more dinners at home.

(Image made by me via PhotoShop Elements).

P.S. Check out the new blog header!

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