the light between oceans : book report.

Soo I read a book. And I finished the book the day before it was due back at the library! Haha I am so proud of myself because I never read. Like never. I always want to, but never get around to actually reading a book.
After looking up several books to read, I came across The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. This book was on hold at the library forever, so I figured it would be a good one.
The story takes place in 1920 on a remote island in Australia. Tom who is a lighthouse keeper meets Isabel and they get married. After marriage, they try to have a baby. Isabel had two miscarriages and one stillbirth. They end up finding a life boat that washed up on shore with a live baby and a dead man. After lots of emotions, they decide to keep the baby who they named Lucy, and raise her as their own, and they didn't tell a soul.

The middle of the book was about the little girl growing up, and her life with Tom and Isabel her parents. But not her real parents obviously, but to the little girl her real parents. This part was very slow for me and felt like nothing exciting was going to happen.  In the middle of the book, Hannah gets introduced which is Lucy's real mother. She had lost a baby and her husband. Tom figures out that Hannah is a grieving Mother, and it gets really hard for him to deal with having Lucy as his own daughter, while another person is grieving the loss of a baby.

Overall, the book was a little slow starting out, but got more interesting and exciting towards the middle/end. I will leave the ending open for anyone who might want to read this book! It did get tons better at the end but leading up to the end was a little slow. Theirs a movie coming out and I want to see it too!
It was a little hard for me to read this, not having tons of time on my hands. I read during Hadley's naps, read at night before bed, and read when I very rarely had the house to myself. Sometimes I had a 30 minute window before Kevin and Hadley got home, things like that. Made it work. And I like reading an actual library book, nothing electronic like a kindle or iPad. An actual book.

Ready to pick out another book, any suggestions?

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