mid-ish year planner.

I am a freak with planners as many of you know. I love writing things down. For this year, I purchased this one and have loved it so far, but just like my husband said the second I brought it home, I will probably not be happy with it because it's too small. Well...he was right! I couldn't stand the weekend sections in it because that's when all the action happens and I didn't have enough room to write everything I wanted down on paper.

So I came across The Happy Planner which I am in love with! And I even had a coupon! I got it at a really good price and it's so awesome. It starts with August 2016 and ends with December 2017! So I'm all set until 2018!
This is what you see when you first open the planner. Pretty pretty pages.
Here is a view of one month at a glance. I love the first page of a new month, you can write in birthdays, goals, and what you are currently loving, reading, watching, etc. And the spaces for each of the days of the week are huge! Plenty of room!
Love how the binding has little hearts as the holes and it's gold! I've been using this planner for about two months now, and am loving it!

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