hairstyles on Sunday.

While watching the Bengals game Natalie and I decided to do each other's hair. She wanted me to go first, so she decided to do a little half pony tail with a twist.
She took all her own pictures too! She twisted the little pony and wrapped two rubberbands on it with each twist.
She was pretty proud of her hair do. I even wore it to her volleyball game later that night.
Natalie's turn! She wanted two braids on the side and then a pony tail with the braids mixed in.
Ended up re-doing the left side because it was a little loose, and we took the rubberbands out of the braids.
She was so cute, went into the bathroom and took a picture of her hair.
She wore her braided hair for the volleyball game, it looked so cute! Had a busy weekend, ready to start this week. Happy Monday!

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