around here.

around here taking rests with George on the long walks.
around here trying new things, she's not to much of a fan of juice yet, which is fine by me!
around here the hubby washes and vacums both of our cars once a week!
around here this little one is obsessed with my makeup.
around here had her almost 2 year checkup, which meant having four shots! She was not happy poor thing, and now she is not feeling the best.
around here she loves her doggie George.
around here taking my aunt's tip and putting post-it notes in the car for reminders!
around here playing outside with the water hose.
around here we gave her ice cream for having such a rough day with 4 shots!
around here chilling with her Daddy before bed time.

Another fast week this was for sure! And yet again, another busy weekend up ahead for us. A bridal shower, two volleyball games for Miss Natalie, and then some Who Dey action. Let's hope for a win this week.

Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend...

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