road trip ideas for kids.

Earlier this week I wrote about our Florida vacation and how we drove 16 hours in the car with the two big kids Brady and Natalie. I came up with a few ideas for the car ride.
These are plain bins that close with little tabs at both ends. These could be used as either a lap desk or a place to keep their things.
On the bottom of the bin, I printed out a map and highlighted each state we would be driving through. Wanted them to have a visual of where we were and how many states we had to drive through.
Inside the little bins were fun goodies! The items on the left they could open once we reached certain cities. Each item was not anything specific to that city, I just picked random cities and spaced them out. The items on the right were things in there that were not wrapped, just things for the kids to have, use, etc. They were super excited and did keep asking when we were going to be at said city.

Which brings me to my next idea that I did not take a photo of but it's pretty simple to explain without photos. We gave each of them a $10 roll of quarters. However many times they would ask "are we there yet" or "how much longer", they had to give us a quarter. However many quarters they had left once we arrived to our destination, they got to keep. Brady had $9.25 to keep, Natalie had all of the $10. They really liked this idea, and I especially remember my Mom doing the same thing for my little brother and I when we would take lots of road trips when we were younger.

Snack boxes! Went to the dollar store and bought two little plastic boxes with lids on them, wrote their names on them and taped it to the top of the box. Inside were snacks they had both requested, and travel size of course!
Inside the car, I taped this road to the ceiling. Cut out a picture of our car, and each state we would pass through. As we reached each state, I would move the car. Another visual of how far we had to go. Georgia is a long state to drive through!
Another dollar store purchase, a plastic container. The kids used this as a garbage can, it stood in the middle of the seat on the floor perfectly. Each time we stopped for gas or restroom breaks we would empty if if need be. Worked great!
Lastly, I sewed each of the kids their own blanket and pillow for the car. You know how it can get cold in the car sometimes with the air on, and using a regular size pillow in the car can get kinda crammed. The blankets were perfect lap blankets for the kids, and to mark them as their own I sewed a blue colored ribbon on Bradys, and an orange colored ribbon on Natalies. The pillows were 16x24 size, perfect for the car. They really liked these and I am sure will use them again if we ever take a long road trip.

Hope these ideas inspire you for any road trips you might take. It was fun to think of these for the kids and knowing they really enjoyed them!

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