our Florida vacation 2016.

Last week we were lucky enough to go to Florida for vacation! Our favorite spot, Fort Myers Beach!
Unfortunately, we had to drive to the beach this year. 16 hours in the car. We left at midnight last Friday, and arrived in Florida around 5:30pm or something like that.
Miss Hadley had the luxury of flying with her grandparents! She did great.
My Aunt Cindy picked them up from the airport.
When they arrived in Florida, they took a dip in the pool waiting for us car riders to get there.
Sunday morning started off with a run on the treadmill, and then Natalie read her book to me. They are supposed to read everyday for 20 minutes, so we had them read in the mornings before the beach. Worked out pretty good.
First day at the beach! Brady rode with my parents which Natalie entertained her little sister.
Hadley absolutely loved the beach. It was hot, but not crazy humid hot like it normally is in Florida at the end of July. The breeze felt amazing, kids busy on their boards, and after lunch had daily ice cream or popsicles.
After the beach and dinner, Hadley took a bath in Grandad's big ole tub with bubbles. After she went to bed, we played a few rounds of Uno the fishing version. Pretty fun.
Monday morning Hadley was the first one up, then my Mom. 
On this day we decided to stay at the pool.
Monday night, Aunt Cindy took the big kids to see the new Ghostbusters movie and to dinner. They watched it in 3D and got these glasses.
Did not take any pictures of Tuesday at the beach.  Wednesday, we had a pool day with Aunt Cindy! Just hung out at the pool, had no where to be, nothing to do, it was perfect.
After the pool, we came up to the house and decorated the cupcakes Aunt Cindy brought for dessert. Had hamburgers, hot dogs, and pork chops for dinner.
Every morning we would either take walks with Hadley or run on the treadmill.
 Beach day!
After the beach, we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Junkanoo.
Another morning walk! This girl loves her walks in the stroller.
Friday our last day, we met up with Kev's cousin Kevin and Annie and their two boys. The picture cracks me up though, Kev and I in the sun, those two in the shade.
Dinner at Pinchers restaurant, first time going to this place and it was so good! Boom Boom shrimp please!
Saturday morning, watched Hadley leave with my parents. My brother picked them up from the airport and had lunch afterwards.
The drive home did not seem so long, but still not the most fun time ever. Did lots of coloring!
Overall it was a great vacation. Making memories with the kids is what it's all about!

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