one month.

One month ago today our car was stolen. Yes. Stolen. Can you believe it? We can't either.

It all happened while we were vacationing in Florida last month. Someone decided they wanted to take our car right out of the parking garage, while we were on vacation! We drove the car down to Florida, and not even 36 hours into the trip, the car was gone. It has been a nightmare and I hope none of you have ever had this happen to you.

Thank goodness for great insurance because we drove a 2016 rental all week while in Florida, drove it back home, and currently still driving it! One day after we arrived home, they found the car. A cop was pulling the car over for speeding, they sped off, left the car in a ditch somewhere, and ran off. Sad to say, the thieves did not get caught, but the police found the car. Pretty damaged too, here are some pictures below.
So the insurance company decided to get the car fixed in Florida. The car is done and they are working on shipping it back to us in Ohio. Praying the car looks brand spankin new after this long!

Seriously hope this never happens to you or anyone you know, it has not been fun! Dealing with the people at the towing company who had the car, what all that entails just to release the car to the insurance company, things like that have just been a mess. Maybe I'll give an update when we get the car back! Crossing the fingers it's in tip top shape.

Happy Thursday people!


  1. The exterior doesn't look as bad as I was expecting. Hopefully it looks and smells like a new car, inside and out, when you get it back!