harry potter fan.

Either you are or not. A fan. I am definitely. I have not read the books though, but have seen the first five movies! I've been thinking about getting the books at the library too. All this hype about the 8th book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, has me so intrigued!
So I've been watching the movies again and still have a favorite. The first one. The Sorcerer's Stone. Absolute favorite.

Movie #1 : Sorcerer's Stone
Movie #2 : Chamber of Secrets
Movie #3 : Prisoner of Azkaban
Movie #4 : Goblet of Fire
Movie #5 : Order of the Phoenix
Movie #6 : Half-Blood Prince
Movie #7 : Deathly Hollows
Book #8 : Cursed Child

Have any of you read all of the books?  Do you recommend the books over the movies?

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  1. Love all the books! Movies are well done, but nothing compares to the novels. I've read then all numerous times. I used to read the entire series every time a new book came out!