around here.

around here the drive to work one morning was just beautiful.
around here the kids started school! 6th and 4th graders!
around here watching Hadley be more and more independent is just something else. George laying in the corner, not on his bed, and opened some bubbly. So good!
around here started a mini project around the house, will share more soon!
around here made a trip to Home Depot and started painting the mini project.
around here finally got reimbursed for the car seat that was stolen out of our car last month. Hadley loves to watch people make pizza when we pick it up.

The big kids come back tonight! It has been three weeks! Just crazy. School has started, sports have started, back into the daily grind of everything that comes when school starts. Lots of busy days ahead. Looking forward to the weekend, it's going to be a hot one! Happy Friday and happy weekend.

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