around here.

around here reading The Light Between Oceans, pretty good so far.
around here Miss Hadley wears heels better than I do!
around here we checked out the Bengals training camp, it was so so hot!
around here mowed the lawn, watching Hadley eat yogurt all by herself, and looking at pictures of my car. Insane.
around here Hadley likes to peek through the basement door and call out for her Dad.
around here after our walks, she loves to touch my face as the sweat is beating down. What she really wants to say is "Mama you sweat a lot." Her little arm is looking so much better, starting to scab finally. Oh and free shampoo samples at work, they smell yummy!

Guess what? It's Friday. The weather isn't looking the greatest for the weekend, but who cares right? Maybe the rain will cool us all off! It's been so hot and humid around here lately, it's been unbearable. Have a good weekend folks!

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