around here.

around here had a nice visit from Grandma and Aunt Gayle!
around here had lots of one on one time with the babe, she loves Chipolte and loves to make a mess there.
around here taking walks/runs, and playing with her big sisters babies.
around here took Hadley to the library for the first time, she didn't know what to do. She picked up every book she could get her hands on. We might've read two pages of one book.
around here went to a local park, and she went down the slide all by herself for the first time!
around here playing outside with water buckets, and trying to give George some water.
around here painted the toes purple.
around here Hadley discovered crushed ice from the fridge. I managed to get 7875 steps in without even going on a walk/run!
around here celebrating five years in our home.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

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