how i spent my off day this week.

Started off the morning with some yogurt and eggs for breakfast. She is starting to use her utensils more and more, a bit messy of course, but she's using them.
After nap time, we had an outfit change. Guess that dress was bugging her. She wanted to eat lunch outside in the hot humid heat! Ugh. She loves it outside so much.
After lunch we went inside to the air conditioning and just played. We sit in her room, play with her tea set, sit at her table, play in her reading nook, read books, play some more.
She found her baptism necklace that her Grandma gave her, I put it on her and she wanted it off immediately. So I made her take a picture with it on before we took it off. She wasn't too happy but got over it. We've been keeping the thermostat at 77 degrees when we are not home to cut back on our utility bills. I managed to keep it set at 76 degrees while getting ready at the same time! I was proud of myself haha
After Kev got home from work we went to Smale Park to get out of the house and cool off some. Somewhere that was outside and with water? She was in heaven.
After the park we walked over to the old Party in the Park and listened to some music. George was exhausted and was laying down in the backseat in a space big enough for one person. Cracks me up.

Love my off day!

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