bits from the weekend.

Saturday morning started off with a long walk just me and the babe.
Brady and Natalie came home and Hadley was super happy to see them, especially her big sis. Mowed the grass after the kids got there, it was so nice out!
Saturday we headed to the lake! Miss Hadley amazes me everyday, she sat her little booty in the back of the boat all on her own and stayed there while we drove off.
After dinner we headed out on the lake so Brady could go wake boarding. Hadley kneels on the dash of the boat while we are going fast.
Saturday night one of the houses on the lake had this awesome fireworks display probably because it rained all weekend during the fourth.  It was pretty sweet!
Saturday night around 4am, Hadley did not want to sleep.  She kept crying and rolling all over in her bed so we put her in our bed and after a half hour or so she was out till around 9am.
Sunday just hung out at home, pulled all of our weeds in the front yard. Looking better than ever. For our yard that is.

Happy Monday folks!

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