our memorial day weekend 2016.

The holiday weekend started out with Brady being picked to play in an All Star baseball game! He was pretty excited. I believe he pitched, played short stop, and center. 
Hadley and I stayed home from the baseball game to get everything ready for the lake, plus having her at a hot baseball game for hours before would've been not so fun.
Once we got to the lake Saturday late afternoon, we took a pontoon boat ride. The weather was absolutely amazing!
Sunday morning went for a run, the hills were rough but glad I did it.
After Hadley's morning nap, we headed down to the dock.
Pontoon boat ride! 
Took a late night boat ride with my cousin Becca and Will. Drove past a huge fire and the tree was slowly burning too.
Couldn't get over how beautiful the weather was, just hot enough and sunshine for miles. 
Going tubing always leaves me sore the next day! Arms were killin.
Monday morning Brady woke up early to go wake boarding, he's so good at it!
Celebrated Natalie's 9th birthday! We had brownies, red/white/blue cupcakes, and presents!
I don't know why, but the photo of Hadley on the gator with Kev just cracks me up! The way her hat was, or the look on Kevs face just makes me smile. On the way home, George and I stopped at Chipotle, he was in hog heaven sitting outside with me as a million people came over to pet him. After the kids got showers at home, Natalie opened one last gift from her Aunt Amy and then bed time. A great weekend in the books!

(Side note : Happy last day of school for Brady & Natalie!)

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