from the weekend.

Friday night we took Hadley to the park right by our house, she never wants to leave and loves the slide!
Saturday we ran in the morning. Brady had a tournament game in the hot hot sun.
Sunday started the morning out with another run, then played in the wagon a little bit.
Sunday afternoon my parents came over to celebrate Natalie's birthday, a little late but she was excited. She got the stuffed animal of a sloth which is her favorite from Zootopia.
After the mini birthday celebration, we headed over to a local park to celebrate my cousins's 8th grade graduation.
It sure was a hot one outside but we had a good time. Miss Hadley did not sleep all day but was still pretty good. 
Hadley passed out after her bath, she was so tired she was asleep before I even laid her down in her comfy bed. She went to bed at 6:45pm! Poor thing. Had some free time to paint the nails and do some relaxing coloring, while watching Game of Thrones! Did not think I would like that series, but I'm really into it!

Happy Monday folks! Have a great week....

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