from the weekend.

Started off the weekend with taking a little walk to the top of our street to see all the bulldozers and trucks. She is obsessed. Loves it even more when they wave and say hi to her.
Cleaned out my car while Hadley took a nice long nap.
Went to our favorite mexican restaurant.
Did a little late night porch sitting with the hubby, and noticed a little frog on the top of our porch railing. If you look closely you can see the little frog on the top photo. Funny thing is the frog pounced on our dog George and he about flipped. Hilarious.
Yard work on Saturday!
Saturday night went to a festival near by, we won $25 off a bars/bells ticket. Hadley rode her first ride on the little train, she was a little scared at first but then loved it.
Sat and watched the band a little bit. It was so hot outside!
Went to the lake on Sunday, it was so hot but it felt so good out on the boat and in the water.

Good weekend! Cheers to a great week!

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