bits from the weekend.

What a great weekend we had!
Friday night we went to the Cabana which is a restaurant on the river. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but we ended up with one right on the water. It was a little warm, but so nice.
I love eating outside and we love to just sit and people watch too. 
Saturday morning went for a run, feels so awesome!
Arrived to the lake Saturday afternoon. Spent lots of time with my cousin and her boyfriend before he leaves for the summer!
We love boat rides, just love them! So relaxing...
Saturday night we played Cards Against Humanity and oh my god, we laughed so hard! Loved it.
Sunday morning we took the boat trailer up on the hill to park it for the summer. Took George with us to give him a chance of scenery. 
While Hadley took a long afternoon nap, we went out on the Malibu and dodged the rain.  It rained for maybe 5 minutes, and then would be sunny off and on. And then there's my Aunt who is cold one minute with a jacket on in 80+ degree weather, then the next minute takes it off. Hilarious that woman. 
Had so much fun spending time with my cousin and her man! We had a lot of time to just sit and talk with each other, laugh with each other, or just stare out onto the water and just relax. Love that girl...
We drove over to see our other cousin and his kiddos, Hadley is so happy outside! JoJo wrote out "I Love You" with her cheez-its for us. So cute.
For dinner Sunday night we rode over to the marina and had pizza and hoagies for dinner. Fun times. 
Hadley finally warmed up to the pontoon and walked around instead of sticking right by me the entire time. She's just like her Mama, takes awhile to get comfortable with new surroundings.
Hadley and her Grandma love to pick flowers.  It was a great weekend, with pretty great weather despite the forecast being all over the map. Ready to start this week!

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