week in the life 2016 : wednesday.

Here's a look into my Wednesday...
7:00am : laid in bed for a little bit just relaxing, Hadley was still sleeping, made some eggs for breakfast. I am off on Wednesdays, it's my 2nd favorite day of the week!
8:00am : Did a little blogging, watching the Today Show.
10:00am : cleaned the bathroom. Hadley is still sleeping.
10:30am : Did some laundry, combined the flowers from Mother's Day into one vase, watched Cole Swindell sing on the Today Show, had an orange for a mid-morning snack, and did the dishes.
10:45am : Miss Hadley finally woke up, she is teething and extra cranky. She loves her sleep though.
11:30am : made her a waffle for a late breakfast, she loves to put it in the toaster and wait for it to pop.
12:00pm : watered the flowers on the front porch. Started with pants on, then changed to shorts because it was warm out!
12:15pm : took a walk with Hadley and George.
1:15pm : Hadley went down for a nap. Made tilapia, asparagus, and strawberries for lunch. Watched a little bit of Chelsea's new show on Netflix.
2:00pm : changed the laundry, took a shower.
3:00pm : packed all my stuff for softball. Hadley woke up around 4:30pm! She was not feeling the greatest, her little gums were so swollen.
6:15pm : my Mom came to softball to watch Hadley because Kev was at Brady's baseball game. She does not like it that I play softball, something about it bugs her. Everytime I go on the field she cries and cries which is not like her. So my Mom took her in her car with the a/c on and just played. She eventually calmed down, poor kid. Looks like softball with have to be solo from now on. Did not get one photo at softball, the game goes too fast some nights. So grateful for my Mom today. she is a busy woman but still made it on time to watch Hadley.
8:30pm : tried to get her to eat a little dinner. She had some snacks at softball but nothing major. She ate a few spoonfuls of yogurt then we took a quick bath. She loves baths and they are a good routine to get into before bedtime.
9:15pm : gave her a bottle of milk, she drank the whole thing and went right to bed afterwards.
Prepared chicken for lunch on Thursday.
10:00pm : Had a bourbon ball that I purchased on our Louisville trip and it was delicious. So so good I could taste a little bourbon, and mixed with chocolate? Yum.
10:15pm: folded more laundry, watched Chicago PD, then fell asleep!

Thanks for reading my words and photos!

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