week in the life 2016 : tuesday.

Here's a look at my Tuesday...

5:15am : Every morning starts out with a weigh in, then shower.
After shower, blow dry my hair in the family room then put makeup on in bedroom. I'm a hotbox when I get ready.
6:20am : head to the sitters house to drop off the babe. She is so good, she loves her sitter!
6:55am : hop on the elevator to my floor.
6:59am : clock in at work, usually the first one on the floor.
7:05am : turn on computer, fill up water bottles for the morning.
9:05am : send my friend Jess a text, wishing her happy thoughts for her surgery.
10:00am : an orange for a mid-morning snack, re-filled bottles.
11:00am : sent emails to all the divisions for survey testing.
Always have my planner at my desk, just a habit I've gotten into everyday.
12:30pm : head to the breakroom to heat up lunch. Fajita chicken, lettuce, and watermelon.
1:00pm : after lunch go outside for a little bit to get some fresh air. Sometimes I walk around the block.
Tic-Tacs and gum help me with my sweet cravings throughout the day.
4:00pm : left work early to head to my parents house. The second I crossed the street it started pouring down rain.
4:30pm : Despite the rain, traffic wasn't too too bad. Had a snack of almonds in the car.
5:00pm : Cleaned my parents house, and I love the view from the family room. 
While at my parents, Kev facetimed me with Hadley. This is what she did after we said goodbye. Mamas girl, I'm telling you! lol 
7:00pm : my Mom always has the prettiest flowers on her porch. 
 7:45pm : on the way home I stop at Chipotle because I didn't feel like cooking anything this late at night. So I get very little rice with chicken only, I sort of stopped adding cheese in my bowl.
9:00pm : make myself a rum and coke then head to bed. Had a rough night with Hadley, she must be teething or getting a nasty cold. She was crying off and on until 1:00am. Thankful for off days on Wednesday with nights like those.

Thanks for reading my words and photos!


  1. This was great!! Saw your link on Ali's post and PS: I love the phrase under your blog title, "a notebook of things I don't want to forget." Brilliant. :)