week in the life 2016 : thursday.

Here's a look at my Thursday...
5:15am : Hopped in the shower. Use Olay Regenerist on my face every morning. The drain in our shower is not working so it was like standing in a bath while taking a shower. Fun fun!
6:24am : got Hadley ready to go to the sitters.
6:08am & 6;51am : made eggs and arrived at the parking garage.
10:08am : refilled water, did the travel calendar, and added a new picture on my desk wall. A birthday card I got from a friend last year that cracks me up.
10:56am : mid-morning snack of pistachios.
1:08pm : had lunch in a huddle room to get away from my desk but still stayed in the building. It was kinda rainy and gloomy outside.
3:34pm : wore gold bracelets & had to go downstairs in the little snack shop and buy more pistachios because I forgot to bring an afternoon snack.
5:31pm : Kev picks up Hadley most days, when I got home she had her new sandals on. Surprised she liked them because of the between the toes kind.
6:36pm : Kev left to go to the kids spring concert. We stayed home because Hadley isn't feeling the greatest and pretty cranky. She likes to help when I cook and something new was she tried butter! Straight from the container. I used to do that when I was little too! Made chicken, asparagus, and mashed potatoes for Hadley. Had chicken twice today.
6:55pm : she ate pretty good with teething pretty bad.
7:05pm : after dinner she played a little peek-a-boo.
7:27pm : bath time! She loves it. Her and I have the bath routine down, she is a routine kid for sure.
7:51pm : put her PJ's on, she was in a super good mood playing and kicking her feet.
7:53pm : played with her tea set for a few minutes before bottle time.
8:15pm : bottle time. I have no idea how I'm going to break her of the bottle, but it needs to happen very soon! I know it's a comfort thing with her...
8:32pm : since she was born I have put a towel at the foot of her door since their's a huge gap to drown out noises. 9:10pm : Kev got home. Watched the Mentalist then went to bed.

Thanks for reading my words and photos!