week in the life 2016 : monday.

Here's a look at my Monday.
5:45am : After shower, I sit on our bed and put my makeup on because I'm usually so hot after blowing drying my hair. Get dressed, put hair up in velcro curlers.
6:00am : Put the roses from Mothers Day into a cup because I didn't have time to go down in the basement and get a vase.
6:15am : Kev woke up Hadley, and then I drop her off at the sitters house around 6:30am.
6:50am : arrive at work, usually the first one on my floor in the parking garage.
7:00am : arrive at work and freezing. It's so darn cold in the office!
8:00am : the floor is usually pretty bare until after 8am. Did a steak day which means I eat nothing (except tic tacs & gum) all day except a steak and an apple for dinner. Had lots of calories on Sunday for Mothers Day dinner.
12:30pm : weekly conference call for the survey.  After the call, filled up both water bottles.
5:45pm : Hadley cries sometimes when it's dinner time. She loves steak and wants it now haha George laying on his bed, hoping Hadley drops some of her food for him to get later.
5:55pm : Hadley loves mashed potatoes, and an apple for me with my steak.
6:30pm : Hadley playing while Kev facetimes his parents.  After dinner, I prepared lunch for Tuesday.
7:15pm : bathtime for Hadley. She loves it when I give her one, not so much when her dada gives her one, unless I'm not home. She's a mama's girl for sure.
8:15pm : Hadley is in bed, she is still getting a bottle before bedtime but it is all milk. Trying to break her of the bottle by summer time! Watched a little tv, did some coloring, and then hit the sheets.

Thanks for reading my words and photos!


  1. Love your photos and stories! XO!


  2. Great photos! Our son is very reliant on bottles to go to sleep. We're on vacation right now, but as soon as we get home I'm planning on breaking him from it... Not looking forward to that!!

    1. You'll have to let me know how that works out!