week in the life 2016 : fri-sat-sun.

Here's a look into my Friday...
5:05am : shower.
5:54am : Let George out while we make some eggs.
6:12am : had the luxury of driving my husband's car to work on Friday, the Oldsmobile! 
6:25am : walked into work, this is the view of my corner of the building.
6:40am : My desk is always pretty organized, but I do have a junk drawer too!
9:00am : sometimes I bring my makeup into work because my eyes get so watery my mascara pretty much looks like it's not even there. 
11:00am : took a break and played bubble mania in the lobby. My Dad sent a video of Hadley playing outside, she loves it outdoors.
1:00pm : took a walk outside for lunch. Beautiful day out!
4:00pm : Left work and drove home.
5:30pm : cleaned up a little inside, sat on the porch swing to wait for Kev and Hadley. 
6:15pm : Kev left to pick up Brady from karate practice. Hadley and I went out back to grill some steak for dinner. She loves to pick up little rocks and put them back in forth in different spots.
7:00/8:30ish pm : Bath time and then bottle. She loves to relax with her bottle and 9.9 times out of 10 goes right to sleep after we put her in her bed.  Brady and Kev got home sometime around this time.
10:00pm : Brady is in bed, I stayed up a little and colored. I am addicted, it's therapeutic for me.
Here's a look into my Saturday...
8:28am : Got a shower and all ready before Hadley woke up, we made a doc appointment for her because she's not been herself the last few days. Runny nose, not eating much, extra cranky. 
8;30am : made eggs for breakfast, and took George out.
10:00am : At the doctors office, poor thing had a double ear infection! Waited in line at the drive-thru pharmacy forever it felt like to get her antibiotics.
11:53am : as soon as we got home from the doctor, gave her a dose of meds and she went right down for a nap. Watched Martha Bakes and did some coloring.
1:28pm : Kev and Natalie were at Brady's karate tournament, he won the sparring competition!  Miss Hadley woke up and gave her PB&J sandwich. 
2:00pm : played and played and played. Then Sissy came home and she makes her laugh all the time.
5:30pm : We let Brady pick where to eat dinner at to celebrate his big winnings from karate. We are in trouble with Miss Hadley, she loved the white cheese. We gave her a tiny bit in a little bowl and she was so proud of herself, doing the same thing as the rest of us, dipping chips in cheese.
8:53pm : Goodnight!
Here's a look into my Sunday...
8:08am : let the hound dog out. Hadley is getting back to herself slowly. She likes to hold the plate and wait for the waffle to pop out of the toaster.
8:40am : made eggs for breakfast. Kev adding a longer string to her toy doggie so she can pull it.
10:10am : Her bubby giving her rides around the house. Then she sat at the bar while Brady did his math homework.
12:55pm : Kev and the kids left to watch cousin Austin play in his lacrosse tournament.  I attempted to make mahi mahi for lunch, then before Hadley woke up from her nap I realized we had no bread in the house! 
1:53pm : With having no bread in the house, decided to go to Chipotle for lunch. This girl loves her spicy chicken and rice.
2:44pm : played outside, it was a little chilly but she doesn't care. She would be outside all day if we let her.

4:45pm : Natalie went with me to take Hadley to my parents house. Hadley loved it that her big sister was sitting at her table eating graham crackers with her. After this, I failed at taking any photos but we played volleyball with only 4 people and won! Afterwards went to dinner and then home. Brady wasn't feeling so well, he got sick on the way home ugh. He took a hot shower and felt better before bed.

Thank you for reading my words and photos! Enjoyed this project so much, and realize that I take massive pictures of Hadley and none of myself. So fun to do!

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