Once a week I play softball and it's so much fun! I haven't played since grade school so it was a little nerve racking playing the first game. I was so nervous. After a few innings it wasn't so bad.  
My husband still had his softball equipment from when he used to play, a bat and batting glove so it was nice to have that to use.
I use a Wilson glove from grade school, it's my favorite! All worn in and everything. I had it autographed by someone but cannot remember who or make out the name! My friend Jonelle plays on the team also, it's her second year.
My Dad came to watch us play, and it was a great thing because he was a good distraction for Miss Hadley. The first two games she cried and cried because she could not be with me. This game was 100% better, she was happy and playing and walking around. Thanks for coming Dad!
Happy Hadley at the game! Playing with her bubbles.
Got on base twice, it's a nice workout running the bases and running in the outfield. Playing softball is a good time, and I enjoy it each week. Something fun to do that is a little bit of exercise, and a way to get out of the house too!

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