so what do we eat?

Yesterday I shared a little bit about our weight loss journey so today I thought I'd share a little bit about what we eat on a daily basis. We are creatures of habit when it comes to food, I could eat the same thing all the time! It took a little bit to get used to newer foods, but now we have become accustomed to it very well.
Breakfast is always eggs or apple fritters. Eggs are the easiest, I like mine cajun styled! Apple fritters take a little more time to prepare, so we usually make up the mixture the night before and then make them in the morning on the griddle. We use this recipe.
Mid-morning snacks are usually fruit. Strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, apples.
Some mornings I'll have a cup of tea if I'm freezing or starving before lunch. My favorite flavors are Lipton Green tea Blackberry Pomegranate and Lipton Cinnamon Apple.
Lunch is always meat or fish for a protein, with lettuce, celery, or asparagus. And watermelon, orange or an apple for a fruit.
Between lunch and dinner is a mid-afternoon snack. Either pistachios, almonds, or a fruit. If I'm really hungry, sometimes I'll have tic tacs or gum throughout the day.
Dinner is my favorite part of the day! We love our steak and eat it quite often. Or we'll have chicken, hamburger, or fish for a protein. Asparagus or broccoli for a veggie.  I have gotten pretty good at grilling steaks! I never thought I'd be so comfortable with the grill but it's easy now that I've got the hang of it.
Everyday all day I drink lots of water. I've never really counted how many times I refill these big cups, but it's a lot of water. Definitely helps.

We usually do not have dessert, but if we do sometimes we'll make these dark chocolate truffles, which are so so good!

So yea it's pretty boring. but I am a habit girl and do enjoy it. When we go out to dinner I'll eat whatever sounds good, either fish or steak and a veggie. Just like at home but with a beverage of course!

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