fabric flower pot.

For Mothers Day last week I made some fabric flower pots! A very easy project to do.

Supplies needed:
- terra cotta pot
- fabric
- mod podge
- paint brush / sponge brush
- scissors
- flower seeds (optional)
I picked three different fabrics for three pots. You will need enough fabric that will wrap around the pot, leaving a little room to fold in the pot and on the bottom.
I used the paint brush and starting spreading the mod podge around the pot.
This part can get a little tricky, you have to leave enough room on the top and bottom to fit around the pot. Little by little spread the mod podge on the pot in sections, then wrap the fabric onto the section that is sticky and continue until you make your way around the pot.
Once you are finished wrapping the fabric around the pot, you might have to cut a little off the top but leave enough to cover the pot. Use the mod podge to coat the inside of the pot so the tops of the fabric can stick to the pot. Same with the bottom.
Loved how these turned out! An easy way to spruce up a plain pot!
Put some flower seeds inside to give them as a gift for Mothers Day!

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