everyday accessories.

I thought it would be fun to share the accessories I tend to wear on a regular basis. I've never been much of a flashy jewelry wearer and because of that I do not have tons of different pieces.

Every single day, I wear the best wedding ring ever on my left hand (obviously) and the fitbit on my left wrist.  I feel weird wearing it on my right wrist, so that means I cannot wear my watch anymore! The watch pictured above is Guess, and it's my favorite! It feels even weirder wearing a watch on my right hand so I choose not to wear it when wearing the fitbit which is everyday now. I recently styled up my fitbit with one of these band covers, which helps to not have such a boring black band to wear.

Occasionally, I will wear a ring on my right hand and bracelet(s). My favorite bracelet for the past 3 years now, is the Open Love Charm Bangle by Alex and Ani. I gave each of my bridesmaids one of these for their gift, and I'm pretty sure they all wore them on our wedding day. For earrings, I like very simple. Usually some small studs of some sort, or if I have some longer dangly ones that match the outfit, I will wear those.

For necklaces, I have two that I alternate regularly everyday.  One similar to this one, my husband bought me for a birthday gift a few years ago, it's my birthstone aquamarine which I just love! And this one from my mother-in-law from Christmas last year.

For the rare occasion I need to be fancy, I will wear a little bit more flashy earrings and necklace. Nothing to extravagant.  I do have a "downtown ring" as my Grandma June used to call them when we go out somewhere fancy.

And that about sums it up for what I wear on a regular basis.

What do you wear for everyday accessories?

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