dear hadley : 18 months.

Dear Hadley,

Tomorrow, you will be a year and a half years old!  You are half way till you turn TWO! 18 photos for 18 months of life.

This is by far my favorite age! Here are some fun things about you at this age that I want to remember...

You love music and dancing. When we turn the radio on or when one of your toys plays music, you will shake your hips if you are standing up, and if you are sitting down you will move your little body to the tunes.

You love to help do laundry. When you're in the basement with me you will put clothes from the washer into the dryer. One by one, but you do it.

We call the weather channel on the phone and you love to hold the phone up to your ear like the weather man is really talking to you.

Within the last few weeks, you started wanting your blankie right before bedtime, and after you wake up. I've never really pushed the idea of having something to go to bed with, you sort of developed this on your own.

When your Dad or I pick you up from the sitters house, you are waiting by the door and when you see us you run right to us with the biggest smile! One of the best feelings.

You love to open the screen door on the front porch, and then once you get outside you get so excited. You want to get off the porch and walk all around the front yard. We desperately need to get a lower lock on that screen door or you'll be out the door in no time.

When I use the vacuum, you tend to follow me all over the house playing with whatever toy you might have, but one thing you are not afraid of is the vacuum cleaner.

You love our tiny small kitchen. Every night when Dad or I are cooking dinner, you are right there in the middle of the floor playing, snacking, whatever it is you are doing, right in the middle of wherever we are. You know the oven is HOT as we say hot hot hot as we open the oven door.

Your favorite meal at home is fajita chicken or steak and mashed potatoes. You love chicken and steak! Peanut butter and jelly is a favorite too, you love to lick the jelly if it falls off the sandwich. You are not the biggest fan of veggies, we try but you aren't a fan yet. You will probably grow into them in your late twenties like your mama did. (haha)

Your favorite meal out is Chipotle! You absolutely love their chicken and rice, and you love to eat inside. The music is loud, you people watch, you sit in the chair like a big girl, and eat your food.

Your Grandma and PaPa taught you how to do "cheers" with your cup, you always want to do it with PaPa on facetime.

Definitely a fan of Grandad and Papa, both Grandma's get the shaft.

You have tons of teeth, it's so hard to count them all when you won't open your mouth! And the softest locks of blond hair.

Keep growing babe, you are perfect at this age. I cannot wait to see your personality bloom even more the older you get.

Happy half birthday, Hadley Mae.

Love, Mama

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